Who Is Carly Donovan?

Who Is Carly Donovan?

Carly Donovan is a weight loss specialist residing in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. She’s been in the weight loss industry for ten years and knows all the secrets, tips, and tricks for successful weight loss. Donovan was once an overweight woman herself and worked hard to figure out which diet and exercise plan would give her the most long-lasting results. She has experience with almost all diet fads that only show temporary results and are impossible to maintain in the long run.

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Frustrated by the lack of an effective exercise/diet plan that is maintainable and able to give results even in the long term, Donovan worked hard to come up with one herself. Taking notes from some of the best exercise plans, Donovan came up with an easy to follow, yet effective diet plan and exercise routine known as the Cinderella Solution for women.

Carly Donovans Vision

Donovan realized that most exercise routines were aimed at both men and women with minimal differences if any. Donovan immediately knew something was amiss since there’s a significant difference between the body types, exercise capabilities, flexibility, and strength of the two genders.

An exercise plan may work excellently for one gender but give uneven results for the other. Most exercises that gave excellent results for men, usually caused women to bulk up – something women typically arent looking for. Exercises that worked well for women and gave them lean bodies weren’t very satisfactory for men.

This large gap in the weight loss industry is what Donovan wanted to work to fill. She started experimenting with weight loss techniques on her own body and did extensive research along the way for scientific and safe methods she could incorporate in her weight loss plan. Once she successfully shed her weight, Donovan wanted to test if the weight would stay off for a long time or if her method would fail, and she would gain weight again, which is what was happening with most of the diets at the time. To her astonishment, the pounds stayed off for an extended period – something that had never happened before!

Donovan continued to tweak her weight loss plan over the years, until it was absolutely perfect, before introducing the program to her clients. It’s been ten years since Carly Donovan introduced her successful weight loss plan to her clients. She has since gotten great feedback and has had numerous satisfied customers.

Carly Donovans vision was to revolutionize the weight loss industry and challenge traditional weight loss methods that only gave temporary results. This is why she introduced the Cinderella solution – a one of a kind, modern, scientifically-backed, and effective weight loss plan that helps users shed pounds quickly and ensure that they stay off. Since its inception, the Cinderella solution has helped numerous people in their weight loss journey and is recognized as one of the most popular and effective weight loss programs to date.

Cinderella Solution

Cinderella Solution is an excellent weight loss plan that Donovan carefully crafted through tried and tested, scientifically proven methods. It focuses on the core reasons most women are unable to lose weight even after dieting and strenuous exercises. The research was groundbreaking and stated that one of the main reasons women failed to shed their weight was imbalances in some essential hormones that aid metabolism, fat loss, and hunger.

The Cinderella Solution program is geared towards improving the nutritional architecture, also known as Shoku-Iko, of your body and helping it utilize the fat within your body for energy. The Cinderella Solution uses simple biology – no pills or crazy exercises involved. The plan is simple and easy to follow and gives excellent results in just 28 days.

The Cinderella Solution program consists of 2 phases; the first phase is known as the ignite phase, and the second one is known as the launch phase. The ignite phase lasts for about 14 days and consists of custom meal plans that help your body regulate essential hormones and improve its metabolism naturally. This will also help you feel more energetic and be able to go on longer without feeling fatigued or needing constant naps. The ignite phase enables your body to set in motion specific pathways that lead to healthy weight loss and hormone and nutrient regulation. There are no fad diets involved, and the meal plans consist of a variety of foods that will ensure that you get all the daily requirements of nutrients that your body needs.

The second phase, also known as the launch phase, consists of a meal plan with four meals a day. Unlike most fad diets, starving is strictly discouraged in the Cinderella Solution weight loss plan. All you have to do is eat the right kinds of foods that will keep you full for longer and give you the best nutrients to ensure your body works optimally without putting on unnecessary pounds.

Each meal in the launchphase of the diet plan will help you lose further weight by mobilizing hidden fat in target areas that are mostly problematic for women. All meals are balanced and contain lots of delicious foods such as apples, chocolate, Greek yogurt, rhubarb, mint, fish, garlic, green tea, sweet potatoes, and so much more.

By not curtailing certain foods, Cinderella solution ensures that you dont get intense cravings and mood swings caused by deficiencies of certain nutrients. No other diet plan is as well thought out and effective for weight loss for females as Carly Donovans Cinderella Solution.


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Cinderella solution is an excellent weight loss plan that is a league apart from traditional weight loss products because of its scientific approach to weight loss and astounding results. Gone are the days where you would have to starve yourself for days to fit into that perfect dress.

You can now achieve your dream figure by following a simple 28-day plan that not only helps you lose weight but also regulates your hormones and enables you to stay healthy! Try the Cinderella solution program today and watch as you shed pounds faster and keep them off for longer than ever before!

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