Weight Loss Tea

Weight Loss Tea

Losing weight is never easy. To begin your weight loss energy, you’ll need to exercise daily and eat healthily. Routine exercise can help you lose a commendable amount of weight. So, be sure to exercise every day! And if you feel like you need support on your weight-loss voyage, sign up for a training program like the Cinderella Solution

However, if you want to lose weight and shape up quickly, you may need extra help. Merely working out every day isn’t enough sometimes. In such cases, drinking weight loss tea can prove to be helpful.

To see a positive result, make sure you drink your weight loss tea every day and pair it with regular exercise. You can opt for cardio, stretching, or athletics. All of them are excellent choices for weight loss and improving muscle strength. But which tea is the best for weight loss can be difficult to determine. Luckily, we’ve made this guide to help you decide.

Best Weight Loss Tea

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So far, we’ve established that a great way to shed some extra pounds off is by drinking tea. Of course, not every tea works in this regard, but many do. Here is a list of some great weight loss tea options and their respective benefits:

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea stems from the ancient Chinese tradition of boiling oolong in water and drinking it for its multiple medicinal benefits. Oolong tea is brilliant for slimming down the waist as it increases your metabolism date, thus allowing the body to burn excess fat deposits at a greater rate.

Oolong tea has an interesting aroma that drinkers describe as “fruity.” It is a partially oxidized tea and varies in color depending on the degree of oxidation.

White Tea

White tea contains catechins, which are special organic chemicals that help in weight loss. White tea is known to encourage the breakdown of fat deposits while preventing the development of new adipose, or fat, tissue.

White tea has a mild, sweet taste and is popular amongst refined tea drinkers. This natural sweetness eliminates the need for sugar in your tea, making it all the more healthy.

Rosehip Tea

Rosehip extract is particularly effective at reducing stomach fat, and a great way to obtain rosehip extract is through tea. Rosehip contains an antioxidant called Tiliroside, which has fat-burning properties.

Green Tea

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Green tea has garnered enough fame in the weight loss department to have become a staple in diets across the world. Even those who don’t particularly like tea take this hot beverage because of its weight loss properties. It contains caffeine, which stimulates weight loss in the body by increasing the basal metabolism, hence encouraging fat burn.

Green tea also contains catechins, which are brilliant for weight loss as they encourage the body to burn off fat.

Black Tea

Black tea contains flavonoids, also known as polyphenols, which are a type of plant chemical that promotes weight loss. Furthermore, it contains caffeine, which is also a great agent for fat reduction.

The best types of black tea for burning off fat include Earl Grey and English breakfast. Remember, not to mix any sugar or milk with your tea, or it will nullify the effect of the tea!

Pu-erh Tea

This is another type of tea that has been in use since the time of the ancient Chinese. It is a fermented tea with a strong, earthy aroma. It has notable weight loss effects.

How Often Should You Drink Tea for Weight Loss?

Consuming 2-3 cups of fresh, hot tea is a good amount if you want to lose weight. To further encourage the breakdown of fat stores, take your tea shortly after a heavy meal.

Luckily, all these teas are affordable, so you don’t have to be excessively careful with their consumption. However, this doesn’t mean that you take more than four or five cups a day, which is the recommended maximum. Regardless, the ideal amount for weight loss is up to three cups per day.

Key Chemicals in Tea for Weight Loss

Caffeine:  Caffeine alters your metabolism by encouraging it to burn fat stores, also known as adipose, instead of using glucose or glycogen stores purely. By creating this alternate pathway, caffeine can lead to fat burn.

Furthermore, caffeine can reduce the uptake and storage of fat, especially in women. However, this only works after you’ve lost weight by suppressing food and sugar cravings. It also reduces your overall appetite, which helps reduce the chances of weight gain.

Flavonoids: These brilliant chemicals reduce weight gain by blocking the body’s fat absorption chemical pathways. Furthermore, flavonoids like catechin boost your basal metabolism and regulate blood glucose levels, both of which play a big hand in weight loss and gain.

Additional Benefits of Weight Loss Tea

Tea has many other benefits apart from just stimulating weight loss. Here is a short summary of the additional benefits of weight loss tea:

  • Tea contains antioxidants that combat the harmful effects of free radicals. Furthermore, antioxidants help keep your skin looking radiant and reduce wrinkles and sun damage. They also prevent and fight cancer or carcinogens in the body.
  • Green herbal teas like Oolong and Rosehip calm the mind and allow for clearer and focused thinking.
  • Tea may reduce your chances of stroke or heart problems thanks to their impressive antioxidant and flavonoid content.
  • Green tea can also improve your immunity. Some unique elements of green tea help cells of the immune system reach their targets more easily.


To conclude, we can safely say that green tea does a commendable job at burning fat and that drinking weight loss tea daily is bound to help you achieve your goals. Don’t forget to exercise every day to see the best possible results!

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