The best stretches for relaxation should help to alleviate the tension in your muscles, as well as promoting good flexibility and increased range of movement. Some of the most common stretches for your upper body and lower back are; abdominal stretches, hamstring stretches, hip flexor stretches and piriformis stretches. Each of these stretches can be very beneficial in relieving pain at the point where they are performed, but if you have sciatica it is recommended that you use a combination of stretches to target the areas which cause you pain.

Best Stretches for Relaxation

Abdominal stretches are some of the best stretches for relaxation, as they help to increase your body’s ability to stretch and elongate. Most abdominal stretches will require you to lie on your left side and then cross your legs. You will then bring your knees up to your chest and cross your arms over your chest. Repeat this on the right side.

Hamstring and hip flexor stretches are also very effective for reducing lower back pain. To perform the hamstrings stretches, you will need to lie on your back with your legs straight and your hands placed on your hips. Keep your legs straight, but gently rotate your torso ninety degrees, so that your head and shoulders face the floor. In order to stretch your hip flexors, you will need to lie on your back and slowly lower yourself down, while keeping your hands on your hips.


Piriformis stretches are considered one of the best stretches for relaxation and pain relief in the lower back. This stretch is performed by lying on your back with your left leg straight and left arm hanging by your leg. Bring your left leg up to your chest and hold for one count, relaxing the muscle and then bringing it back down to the starting position.

A hamstring stretch is performed the same way as the hamstrings stretch, but this time, you will be crossing your legs over one another. To perform the piriformis stretch, you will need to stand in a doorway with your feet hip distance apart. Keeping your right leg flat, pull your left leg toward your right and hold for two counts. Relax the muscle by repeating the process. To complete this stretch, you will need to repeat the process on the other side.

A hamstring stretch

Yoga is a great way to stretch out the body, especially if you combine it with effective workouts like lower back pain exercises and bodyweight squats. When you use yoga as part of your workout routine, you will find that you are able to achieve much more flexibility, as well as strengthening your core muscles. These workouts also improve your balance and posture. It will take some time to achieve your desired results, but the results that you will achieve will be well worth the time and effort that you put into it.